Frequently Asked Questions

My cribᅠmattress sits on top of a wood board. The air holes on the bottom of the cover are completely covered - does that matter at all?


Place two long, thin pieces of wood (approx. as thin as a pencil) under the mattress (on top of the crib base) along the sides. ᅠThis will elevate it and give enough space for the mattress to breathᅠand will have no effect on the baby's sleeping pattern.





What is the crib mattress cover made of?


6mil low density, food grade polyethylene





Should I put a waterproof cover over the Harlow's Earth Crib Mattress Cover?


No. ᅠThe Harlow's Earth Crib Mattress Cover is waterproof. ᅠAlso, most waterproof covers on the market today are made with PVC, which is a notorious off-gasser.





Is the crib mattress cover really noisy?


No, it is not excessively noisy, although there is some noise. ᅠPlacing a cotton under blanket, along with a fitted sheet helps to diminish the crinkle sound.





Does the Harlow's Earth Crib Mattress Cover itself off-gass?


No. ᅠPolyethylene is considered the safest, most non-toxic plastic available. ᅠIt has been tested and confirmed to block off-gassing and will itself not off-gas.





Does Harlow's Earth offer adult mattress sizes?


Currently not at this time.


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